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New Mutual Activity: Hooverball

Posted in Activities, Mutual by ldsym on July 3, 2008

We are always looking for new mutual activities, here is one we just discovered, and the boys really like it.

Hooverball is basically playing volleyball with a 6 pound medicine ball. You catch it, then toss it back over the net. it is very strenuous, and is a great way for the boys to burn off some of their aggression and energy. It is also very playable when you have a mix of good… and not-so-good athletes. For Deacons you may want to use a 4 pound ball, the 6 pound ball worked well with our Teachers and Priests.

The game is named after President Hoover, who played it to keep in shape when he was in the White House.

Learning this game (or any new sport) is an option in the Duty to God Requirements. Tip- print out the rules and put a sheet in each boys hand when you go over them.

The game is explained very well with simple rules here


Short video of some really strong guys the game (not our YM )


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