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Passing the Sacrament: Old School

Posted in aaronic Priesthood by ldsym on August 7, 2008
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There is a great post over at has a guide to passing the Sacrament written by a Bishop back in 1923. It is very similar to the was we do it now with one exception, there is no mention of passing the sacrament to the presiding authority first, as we do now. Also he does not outline how they handled mistakes during the recitation of the prayer.

One my recent trip to California I watched with interest how the Young Men in the ward I was visiting administered the Sacrament. I was looking for ways their style differed from how we do it in my home ward. It was very similar, except for one little bit of fanfare. As the ordinance ends the Aaronic Priesthood sits down, the organist plays a short flourish then the boys get up and go sit with their families (or head to the foyers, some things are the same in every ward). The organ was a little different than I am used to , but I kind of liked it.

In our ward, about once a month we gather all of the Aaronic Priesthood and talk about how the group is doing in passing the Sacrament, and talk through any scenarios that have popped up, and how we have handled them. It seems to help us pass in a reverent manner. Next time we meet I am going to read the vintage Sacrament guide to the boys, and maybe even ask some of the older men in the ward to talk about how they passed the sacrament as Deacons. Taking time out to talk about it reminds them of the importance of their role in the Sacrament Ordinance.

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