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Monson List – Endure to the End

Posted in monson list by ldsym on August 26, 2008

I have had some interest in my Monson List post. I will look through my list as time permits, and post some of my favorite news stories that can be used to teach Gospel Principles.

In the mean time, over at he makes a great point on what we can learn from Micheal Phelps. Phelps pushed himself to the very end in that incredible 100m Butterfly that he won by a fingernail:

Phelps really wanted it. And when it hurt the most, with his lungs aching for oxygen and his arms burning from fatigue, not even then did he decide to stop. Later he would say that he didn’t even realize how close they were. He didn’t beat out that last stroke because he knew it was close, he did it because he knew he had to give it all he had until it was over.

That brings to my mind that great Mormon principle of enduring to the end.

Granted, Phelps is a freak of nature; born to be a swimming machine, but he has taken all his physical gifts and capitalized on them with hard work, focus and mental toughness. Not unlike Micheal’s God-given physical gifts. All members of the Church have God-given spiritual gifts and many have great advantages. Advantages like being born to goodly parents, being raised in the Church with every head-start our leaders and parents can arrange, (Primary, Seminary, YM/YW program). We have the fullness of the Gospel, and are taught correct principles, but in the end, too many squander the chance to progress and endure to the end. Too many of us end up as a spiritual putz and we have only ourselves to blame.   Don’t be a putz, be a Phleps.

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