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Marketing the Boys

Posted in Activities by ldsym on September 16, 2008

A while ago I wrote about marketing TO the boys; i.e. using marketing tools to get them excited about upcoming events and programs.  Here is a twist on that, why not use the same concept to sell your boys to the rest of your ward.

Some years ago a sister that I know felt the ward adults were not supportive of the youth.   To prove her point she took large photos of each young man and woman in the ward and during a Relief Society lesson she showed each picture to the sisters and asked them the name of each youth.    The results were startling.   The vast majority of the the sisters in the room did not know a single first name.   I find that stunning, and made me realize that adults not working directly with the youth can easily just ignore them.

One strategy to combat this generation gap is to advertise the spritit and energy of the youth.    In this case I put up a big bulletin board highlighting our High Adventure trip.   I used a lot of photos.  I labeled every picture with the name of each young man in the picture, and a sentence about what they are doing..

It not only puts your boys in they best light, but by highlighting spiritual and other learning opportunities on your activities you can also market your YM Program.  Too many wards allow their adult members to think their YM program is just playing basketball on Mutual night.    If you got a quality program going on, let the rest of the ward know.

Tip-  you can print most pics on your home color printer, but Costco will print a big 11×17 print for about $3.   We have also put digital pictures on a DVD and ran pics in the foyer after a High Adventure or other big event.    Unfortunatley that causes a crowd to gather, and the Bishop shut us down because people were getting to classes late.

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