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Youth Super-activity: Scripture Camp

Posted in Activities by ldsym on September 26, 2008

A ward in my Stake had a very impressive event this summer.   The Youth planned and ran a week long scripture camp for the Primary kids in their ward.   I did not get a chance to see it, but it sounds like one of the most worthwhile youth activities I can think of.   It really fulfills the mission of the YM & YW program on every level.

The Youth and Primary kids were out of school for the summer.   Each youth planned and carried out  portion of the week.   They used costumes and props to act out scripture stories.  They played games, did crafts and served snacks.   They held it over 5 mornings.    Apparently the ward had a tradition of doing this camp, started by the primary program, but the youth decided to organize and run it this year.

I am just so impressed with this activity I thought I would share it, even though I was not involved in it.


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  1. Hannah said, on November 26, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    do you have any more details of what they did at this camp?

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