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This Church loves it’s teenagers…

Posted in aaronic Priesthood, Lessons & Talks, The Sacrament by ldsym on September 28, 2008

During an accidental bout of honesty, one of my Young Men mentioned that he was not getting much out of attending Church.  That has been on my mind, so when I saw a DVD at Deseret Book called The Best 3 Hours of the Week; Getting the Most Out of Your Church Meetings by John Bytheway I picked it up.   It is excellent, and basically teaches that the responsibility for being edified at Church is on you, not the speaker, teacher or leaders.   That is not to say we, as leaders, shouldn’t be doing a better job, but it ultimately puts the responsibility where it belongs.

Brother Bytheway made a number of points about importance of Young Men in our Sunday Worship:

“What is the most important thing we do on Sunday? Take the Sacrament. Who should we put in charge of that.. how about the teenage boys”

He went on to Quote President Gordon B. Hinckley on how a Priest saying the Sacrament Prayer is on his knees placing the entire congregation under covenant . Brother Bytheway went on to talk about the Priests blessing the Sacrament:

(The Priest) “…kneels down and gives arguably the most repeated scripture in the church.   my Friend Gary Paul, who teaches Institute at the University of Utah, said if Heavenly Father had a favorite scripture, and I don’t know if he does, but if Heavenly Father does have a favorite Scripture he might arrange it so his people hear it often, he might arrange it so that the person saying the scripture would be kneeling and everyone listening would have their eyes closed.   And what would be the message of the scripture?   It would be all the things that Jesus did for us and what he will do for us as we keep that covenant.”

And one of the most simple, but powerful ideas that Brother Bytheway shared was that this Church does love it’s teenagers, after all, it all came about because of the prayer of a 14 year old boy.

These are all great things to share with your Young Men.

Update:  I found an audio copy of Brother Bytheway’s talk on BYU’s website.   You can get it here.

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