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Mutual Activity: Do a Halloween Slime Skit

Posted in Mutual by ldsym on October 1, 2008

One of our favorite annual activities is the Halloween Party.   Our Young Men traditionally do a Halloween Skit for the Primary kids.   It isn’t tough to do, it just takes a little preparation, which can be done at Mutual nights.   Just come up with a few outlandish, gross, messy, silly bits, then gather the kids around.   It really is fun.   Note – if a few adults are disgusted, you have done a good show!

Here are some pics from last year’s show.    We temporarily installed a zip-line in the gym, and the host slid in on a cable.    We put a fish in a blender, then all the YM drank the protein drink (or did we pull a sleight-of-hand switcheroo.. and they were really drinking a milkshake??).   We also blindfolded a good sister and sent her fishing into a bowl for candy treats, but slipped a few mice in there to keep things interesting.   And of course we poured slime on the head of some “unsuspecting” adults

How to do it:

  • It is critical that the show last 10 minutes or less, and be very fast moving.   The bits can not be sophisticated or intricate, they need to be simple, quick, loud and messy or gross.
  • In past years we have not planned far enough ahead to have the youth be the host, we have just used an adult and used the boys as assistants because it was easier.   This year we are starting earlier so the boys can front the show, which is how it should be.  We are using 2 Mutual activity nights.
  • It is best to probably not fully explain the show to the Primary Presidency, just tell them it is “a little skit”.   Once you do the first one they won’t be able to kill it, it will be too popular with the kids and enlightened adults.

Ideas for bits:

  1. Try for a big entrance.   Last year we had the host slide in on a Zip-line that we rigged up in the gym.  The year before he came in on a motorcyle.   Try to surprise the kids.   We had someone in front leading the kids in “simon says” so they were all looking forward and were surprised by the entry.
  2. The all time favorite is a toilet paper gun.   Here is what it looks like .   It is basicly a roll of toilet paper on a paint roller frame mounted on the end of a leaf blower.   You turn on the air blast.. and the TP flys off into the air in one long string. on and it flys into the air.  You can use an electric one, but we used gas, since it was loud!  It is a great show ender, as the TP flys into the crowd of kids, and they go nuts.   Shoot up above their heads so the stream of air does not carry a bit of dust into the kids eyes.
  3. Pour slime over the head of adults.   Always make sure the run-up to the sliming is campy, and that all the kids in the gym know it is coming, but of course the clueless adult is completely oblivious to the 2 boys standing behind them who are getting ready to dump the slime.   Slime recipe: applesauce, bit of large curd cottage cheese, drop of green food coloring.
  4. Blend a fish or other gross items, then drink it.  We switched the pitcher, and they were actually drinking milkshake.   We included a few beets in the blender so it was pink, and easy to match with the pitcher of fake fish juice.
  5. We had a carefully choosen blindfolded sister reach into a bowl for candy.   We slipped a few mice in the bowl.   She was not in on it, and her reaction was priceless.   We picked up feeder mice for a buck each at the pet store.
  6. We had a blindfolded Brother kiss his wife, but held up his dog instead.  Kids love it when adults are tricked into kissing dogs.
  7. We found a reason to drop Mentos into Diet Coke, which was messy and fun.
  8. A good old pie in the face is always funny.

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