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Church Done With Boy Scouts if This Crosses the Pond!

Posted in Scouting by ldsym on October 20, 2008


According to an article in England’s Daily Telegraph (here) the Scouts in Britain are now planing on giving out birth control to the  young men-

Under new guidelines issued by their Scouts Association, they should feel able to hand out condoms “if they believe the young person is very likely to begin or continue having intercourse with or without contraception”.

They will also take them on outings to family planning clinics

I do not know if there is any connection, other than historical, between the British Scouts and the Boy Scouts of America, but this is something to keep an eye on.  I also do not know if the LDS Church in England particpates in the Scouts.

I have to believe if anything remotely like this enters into the BSA program the Church in America will drop them like a hot potato, so it won’t happen.    Keep in mind, hardcore scouters don’t necessarily love the Church, they think we put too many novices into the leadership ranks, which we do, but they are addicted to our money so they’ll stay strong in staving off wild PC ideas like this.

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  1. amanda said, on November 10, 2008 at 9:10 am

    Involvement in boy scouts is low in the UK (I have yet to see any in the couple months we have lived here). Camping and boy scout-type activities are done in YM, but there’s no scout master calling in the ward. It stems from the fact that the ward needs every person it can get to fill the more “essential” callings (not to say boyscouts isn’t wonderful, but it’s more important to have leaders in auxiliary and priesthood presidencies).

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