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The “Byetheway”ing of YM & YW General Presidents

Posted in Lessons & Talks by ldsym on October 23, 2008

In the preview of the new LDS video meant to be shared with youth to support New Years celebrations in North America (info on video from a recent post), the narrator makes a point of saying the leaders have “inspiring interaction” with the youth.   What is “inspiring Interaction”?  I am guessing it is what you see in these screencaps from the video:

Young Men General Presiden Dahlquist, and Young Women General President Dalton seem to be engaged and energetic, what I would call “rocking the house”.  Put another way, they are appear to be doing a presentation that can not be confused with a Sacrament Meeting talk, not unlike the superb youth speaker John Bytheway.   A little enthusiasm, humor and energy doesn’t hurt a message (as long as it is doctrinally correct), in fact appropriately used, it can give you a better shot at connecting with your audience.

I know at least some Brethren are concerned that the Church move it’s video productions past “white guys behind a podium”, and this seems to be an attempt to do just that.     I for one am pleased to see this attempt to come down from the podium, but to call it “inspiring interaction” may be overstating it a bit.   We will have to see the entire DVD to decide.

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