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Note to LDS Scouts: Stop Acting Like Hobos

Posted in Scouting by ldsym on October 25, 2008

The Deseret News’s Mormon Times has a report on a the “LDS Church and Scouting Relationships Conference” held last week(Oct 2008) in the Ogden Tabernacle.

To me, one of the more interesting tidbits was about how there is a very real struggle for many new Elders at the MTC, they are having a tough time beating their addiction to cell phones and other electronics:

(Elder Keyse) stressed that Scout leaders should make sure cell phones, cards, iPods, magazines and the like are all left home during Scout camps. He said the only exception are some cell phones leaders take for emergency use.

Elder Keyes also challenged Scout leaders to get all the training they can.

“If you get trained, you won’t run a hobo (scout) camp,” he said. “Young men who go to hobo camps learn nothing and do nothing.”

There is a lot more, very relevant to every LDS Scout Leader,  read the whole article here


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