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Mutual Activity: Records Night

Posted in Activities by ldsym on February 4, 2009

oak-cottageI ran across a mention of a mutual Activity called “records night” on blog called “A year from Oak Cottage“.   I wrote Marie and asked her for details.   Here’s a description of what sounds like a fun activity:

We plan this as a combined mutual. You know how competive the youth can get and they really enjoy seeing who can one up the other on this. We plan about half a dozen or so competetions for the night. We assign a records keeper as this is important because the activity will be repeated at a later date and we try to beat our own record again, not to mention each other! Some of the competions we have are: relay races (self explanatory) Michelin Tire man where we give each team a set of long underwear. They choose one member as the micheline man and that person puts on the long underwear. Then the rest of the team have a set time period to stuff as many balloons as they can into the long underwear. The one with the most balloons wins. The kids really enjoy this one. Another one is cake decorating. We bring in three small cakes, and the things to decorate them. Last year we decorated them as pigs. One of the leaders takes a few minutes to show them how to do it, and then the teams each pick one person to be the decorator and they have a set time to decorate their cake in the same way, then an independant judge picks the best one, not knowing of course who did which cake. There is a scripture chase game, etc. All in all it is a real fun evening and they get to eat the cakes at the end, which they all enjoy as well. We keep the results and then repeat the activity six months or so later, so that they can have the opportunity to beat their own records and each other again! It is great fun!

Thanks for the info Marie!


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