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Sacrament: Apostacy in England — a little– maybe.

Posted in sacrament by ldsym on February 17, 2009

sacramentI just read an interesting article by an UK Guardian reporter attending an LDS Service.   You can read the article here.   I ran across the account on Dave’s Mormon Inquiry and Dave correctly captures the reporter’s attitude with “The tone is balanced, although the journalist doesn’t try very hard to hide his general disdain for religion.”

The thing that I found interesting was this:

They bring pieces of bread round on sliver platters to the accompaniment of the organ and all we have to do is sit there and wait until it arrives, each taking a piece.

Either the reporter made a mistake or that ward is a bit maverick. I believe the Handbook of Instruction specifically says not to play music during the Sacrament.    Not that I necessarily agree with that, I think some quiet music would be nice, I am just commenting on the deviance.   I wonder if it is a single ward thing,  whole stake, region or all of England.   Anyway I thought it was interesting  enough for an overly dramatic headline.     Any differences in the administration of our central weekly ordinance is interesting, in fact last summer I wrote about a ward I visited that used an organ flourish as the Priests and Deacons returned to their seats after the Sacrament.       I would be interested in hearing about any other “maverick” Sacrament traditions you may have seen over the years.


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  1. Bookert said, on June 2, 2009 at 7:24 pm

    In one ward I’ve been in the organist plays briefly after the sacrament and the priesthood take their seats. I love seeing it done this way.

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