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So, what would you do?

Posted in Uncategorized by ldsym on February 25, 2009

betterrioSo, your city has lots of near naked women everywhere for a few days a year, how do you handle it with your Young Men?   That’s what leaders in Brazil are faced with when Carnival Mardis Gras celebration breaks out.

Brazian Young Men find refuge at camp

Brazian Young Men find refuge at camp

Well if the Misplaced Americans blog is accurate they have come up with a brilliant solution —  schedule summer camp for that week and ship the boys out to country.    The post is sobering about some of the problems those youth face (maybe a little TMI about the family problems they face, as it could be embarrassing to the boys, even if only by association) but it puts the problems the boys in your ward have in perspective.

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  1. Mark Hansen, LDS Rock Music said, on March 21, 2011 at 10:50 pm

    It makes me think of walking around vegas and seeing all the pornographic ads people are handing out like candy.

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