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Scouters: Recall on Jetboil Backpacking stoves

Posted in high adventure by ldsym on February 5, 2009

jetboilJust a note to those who may have a Jetboil backpacking stove, certain models have been recalled.

The stoves being recalled were sold begining last summer.    According to the jetboil website, certain valves are leaking, which is a major fire/burn hazard.

If you have one go here to see if your stove is covered under the recall.

BTW,  I have a jetboil,  have used it on 3 backpacking trips totalling  over 100 miles and love it, it is a great stove.


High Adventure: pack the spirit

Posted in high adventure, Scouting by ldsym on July 21, 2008

We just completed a very successful High Adventure Backpacking trip. One of the things we did very well this year was to set aside a few minutes every day to talk about the Gospel. We had a short evening devotional, where we asked each boy about gospel topics. We focused on their responses. We also read the Book of Mormon as a group, and sent each boy into the woods for 10 minutes of silent reflection. As you would suspect, the first attempts were a bit clumsy, but the boys did learn to expect it, and by the end of the week were responding quite well. It was really worth the effort, and I highly recommend developing some form of this daily devotional for LDS troops at Scout Camp, High Adventure, and even the weekend campouts.

Marketing to the Boys

Posted in Activities, high adventure, Mutual, Scouting, Youth Conference by ldsym on July 8, 2008

Last summer we had the greatest high adventure trip that I can imagine. We went backpacking Isle Royale. It was a big trip, so this year the overlords have us on a short leash. That leads to the problem: how to get the boys interested in a less awesome trip this summer. When one boy was overheard saying that they were not interested in a “nature walk” we knew we had a problem.

Simply “talking up” the trip was marginally effective, so we came up with a different idea. We put up a billboard in the hallway in the church building. Actually, it was a bulletin board hyping the trip. We used pictures, maps and descriptions of where we are going. The boys walked past it every time they were in the building. It did rev up interest.

One tip — There were not a lot of good pictures of the trail available from traditional sources, so we used Flickr. Which was a goldmine. We made sure to give proper credit.