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Manage Duty To God Advancement

Posted in aaronic Priesthood, Duty to God, resources by ldsym on July 3, 2008

We are using a great online resource for managing our boys’ Duty To God advancements.

It is called E Trail to Eagle. The site has 2 main functions, a pay side tracks Scout Advancement towards Eagle for a reasonable 20 bucks a year for the whole troop.

The other portion tracks advancement to the Duty To God Award. That part of the site is free. I particularly like how the site keeps track of how long a boy has been in a Deacon, Teacher or Priest, and reports, in percentage, how far they are along in that 2 year segment of the award (which takes 6 years of steady effort to earn). It also emails reports to leaders each month, and allows parents to log-on to see their boy’s progress.