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Scout Sunday Drama

Posted in Scouting, The Sacrament, Youth Leaders by ldsym on February 9, 2009
Scout Sunday Patch

Scout Sunday Patch

Yesterday we observed Scout Sunday.   I loved seeing the boys in their uniforms.    Two older members with no connection to the Youth stopped me to tell me how much they enjoyed seeing the uniformed boys.   I also overheard a conversation in the hallway with 2 members saying the same thing.

So today I make my rounds through the LDS blogs and and and surprised to learn that Scout Sunday is controversial.   OK, I don’t really think it is controversial in real life, but in the Drama Queen blogernacle, it is controversial.

Anyway, it is a very interesting post over at Times and Seasons

BTW- I have this theory that most everything on the local church level that is controversial is because leaders have failed to plan well, or communicate well.    I arrive at that theory because everything that I personally been involved with that has turned out  “controversial” was  directly related to those failures by me or other leaders.

In the Times and Seasons post there is a bit of mini-drama is over whether or not the YM should pass the Sacrament in their uniforms.    In our ward we notified the Elders Quorum early, so they prepared it and passed it.   They enjoyed participating in that ordinance this one Sunday, the Boys get to see the men passing, which builds their appreciation for the importance of the ordinance.   Families get to have their boys sit with them through the entire meeting.   Sounds like a win-win situation, or as Micheal Scott says– “a win, win, win situation”.



This Church loves it’s teenagers…

Posted in aaronic Priesthood, Lessons & Talks, The Sacrament by ldsym on September 28, 2008

During an accidental bout of honesty, one of my Young Men mentioned that he was not getting much out of attending Church.  That has been on my mind, so when I saw a DVD at Deseret Book called The Best 3 Hours of the Week; Getting the Most Out of Your Church Meetings by John Bytheway I picked it up.   It is excellent, and basically teaches that the responsibility for being edified at Church is on you, not the speaker, teacher or leaders.   That is not to say we, as leaders, shouldn’t be doing a better job, but it ultimately puts the responsibility where it belongs.

Brother Bytheway made a number of points about importance of Young Men in our Sunday Worship:

“What is the most important thing we do on Sunday? Take the Sacrament. Who should we put in charge of that.. how about the teenage boys”