LDS Young Men

Greatest LDS Halloween Costume ever

Posted in Weird by ldsym on October 28, 2008

At our Ward Halloween party a couple of the Young Men showed up in great costumes, they were Missionaries from the South Pacific.   Two of the Deacons wore a white short sleeve shirt and tie, but with a Lava-Lava (Man skirt that Polynesians wear) and lei.    They looked great.

It reminded me of the best LDS Halloween Costume that I have ever seen.  Times and Seasons posted it back in 2005.


Is Someone Trying to Hack President Monson’s Teleprompter?

Posted in Weird by ldsym on October 8, 2008

OK, this is really weird, but I am wondering if someone is trying to mess up President Monson’s Teleprompter.   I certainly hope not.  I have to assume Church IT Security takes that stuff pretty seriously, and has it well protected.

So why am I wondering about this? (more…)