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Extending the Word of Wisdom: keep it to yourself.

Posted in Choices have consequences, word of wisdom by ldsym on July 22, 2008

Here is an interesting post over on white-shirted sepulchre blog on local leaders using their personal, expanded reading of the Word of Wisdom to judge their youth.

Here is how I roll: I think we correctly push standards on the youth– clear bright-lined standards that are non-negotiable. We expect them to follow them, and to repent when they don’t. I see no value in extending those standards when some local leader has an opinion on teen eating habits. Lets focus on the standards in For Strength of Youth, and not seek to expand them and put a “sin” tag when they make an unwise , yet morally neutral choice. I wrote about this a few posts back.

BTW- Energy drinks are stupid, clearly not healthy, and expensive. I am not in any way endorsing them. I am just not in favor of personal doctrines finding their way into local Church teachings.